Encaustic Set-up

Are you ready to dive into encaustic art?...

Encaustic is a truly amazing technique. So beautiful and unique! I love the delicious smell of wax, and there's something so satisfying and soothing about working with only natural materials.

On this page you'll find everything to get started with encaustic: how to set up your space, the supplies and tools you'll need, some safety tips, and even a tutorial on how to make your own encaustic medium... the easy way!

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In this short video, I'm showing you how I set-up my space to work with encaustic wax, plus my favorite supplies & tools!


My easy step by step technique to make your own encaustic medium with natural bees wax and Damar resin. Enjoy!

Supplies list for encaustic ART

  • Small griddle with temperature control

  • Surface thermometer

  • Craft dryer or craft heat-gun (embossing heat-gun)

  • Metal container to hold your wax (loaf pan or disposable tin)

  • Tin can (tuna can or similar, without any plastic coating) for your white paint

  • Natural bristle flat brushes / Hake brushes (a wide one for your medium, a smaller one for your paint)

  • A variety of mark-making tools (needle tool, pottery tools, old cutlery...)

  • Encaustic medium (like this one)

  • White oil paint or oil stick (or this one)

  • Sturdy substrate with porous surface (wood/MDF panel or "Encausticbord")

  • Wax paper or other non-stick surface to protect your work area

  • Drinking water

  • Apron


  • Disposable gloves

To make your own encaustic medium:

  • Small slow cooker (crock pot)

  • Muffin tins

  • Baking tray

  • Refined beeswax (organic)

  • Damar resin (crystals or powder)

  • Protective gloves

Basic set up

Small Griddle


Heat Gun

Small Loaf Pan


Painting tools & materials

Encaustic Medium

Hake Brushes

Regular Natural Bristle Brushes

Pottery Tool Set

Wood Panel


White Oil Stick

To make your own encaustic medium!


Slow Cooker

Bakeware Set

White Beeswax


Pan with Spout

Damar Resin

Protected Gloves


Safety reminderS

  • Work in a well-ventilated area.

  • Keep the temperature of your wax around 200° F (85°C).

  • Do not touch the hot griddle or the tip of your heating tool.

  • Do not let the tip of your heating tool touch your work surface: place it on a tile or other heat-resistant surface.

  • Use only natural bristle brushes.

  • Make sure you have access to running water or a bucket of water in case of burns.

  • Tie your hair if it is long, avoid loose clothing and jewelry.

  • Work in a quiet, focused environment, away from children and pets.

Have fun painting!