from the students

Here is a sample of the student feedback I receive, I hope it gives you a taste of my classes and makes you want to find out more!


Layers of Light

Where to begin? Your beautiful work, gentle encouraging way of showing and teaching, with so many options and delightful insight to the deeper meaning we may find in the journey as you have done- combined with real information about mixed media layering; techniques; and the process, all this combined into so many wonderful projects to explore- has opened up a whole new world for me.
The quality of your videos is such that I will never tire of watching them. The music is comforting. I can always see what you are doing clearly, and you explain it all so well!
I have not stopped since I began working under your instruction. This has touched a cord with me and the nature of how I like to work. As for growing my skills, I think the most important thing I took away is to trust myself more in trying new things- like adding my own writings to my work.
I want to know when you add more classes. I will be there!!!
— Angie Cook
There is something in this class that takes you away to places inside you where your dreams come from.  It is soft, it is gentle, yet the work that is produced is powerful and honest. The participant learns to observe their surroundings and look inward to bring out strong statement pieces of beautiful art. Each lesson is refreshing and enjoyable – you so look forward to taking each and every lesson. Every session is different and challenges you, but they are not hard – the challenge comes in having an open sense of curiosity and playfulness. Laly Mille possesses a childlike sense of wonder inside her that comes through in her classes, and she helps you soften your eyes and open your heart whilst learning and creating meaningful pieces. I so enjoyed Layers of Light and will take it again and again because each time I do the lessons, I find a new dawn.
— Didi Arias
I learned from watching you Laly, to slow down and relax, to truly hear the “calls”. I learned so much from you, gathering my papers and fibers to have a good start. A start that can be changed in a heart beat, running around, finding other remnants that might work also. It’s downright exciting at times. I found a lot of patience, in your teachings for myself personally. Your “ways” are so is like you were right there with me. Your style and “senses” profoundly lead us to “seeing and feeling” deeply, and wondrously, seriously. Your classes, your words, your educating skills remain and linger wherever I roam in my work now. I am grateful and thank you immensely. 
— Wanda Miller

The Artist & the Journal

I’m discovering new nuances to this art every day I come back to the videos and my journal. I’ve gained so much confidence as an artist through this class. I trust myself so much more as a result of your lovely teaching. You really possess so many lovely gifts and I’m so glad you followed your impulse to share them in this way.  I don’t have the words to express my gratitude for all I’ve learned in this course, Laly. It has been transformational. Must be all the butterflies...
— Bridget Skjordahl
I loved the class and am still experimenting in my journal and proud of the results. This course has re-opened my interest and developed my skills in mixed media.
— Val Key
I have to say this course is so deep and touching. Thank you Laly for sharing priceless things.
— Flor Baurs
One of the biggest lessons I have gotten from this course is to take my time and really sink into the entire process.....let things set....think about things...go back... the more pages I do the more I really like them and they bring me such happiness and joy to look at them! I am finding out what I really LOVE by doing this course... I finally understand all you were talking about and that “feeling” you get when everything on your pages just starts to FLOW out of is so much more enjoyable now and brings me happiness and also it is very calming and therapeutic in many ways....I cannot thank you enough!!
— Melinda Lincoln-Napoletano

Little Book of Whispers

Every page in this book explores what I love, how I feel about myself and my art, and is my expression of all of that goodness. It was simply a doing of great joy, and I am in awe of the beauty created. I’ve made five little books now, each one so very special with its own poignant story to tell. This is the most soul searching fun I’ve ever had in an online class. Add to that Laly leads you gently, sweetly through every step with beautiful videos. I think it may be time to make another…
— DS. Watkins
Oh this is powerful work! Laly, I have watched your video on working with words a couple of times now because it resonated with me so much that my heart skipped a beat and tears swelled. After a nice cup of tea, and a small moment to process, I jumped in... look what emerged. Love, love, love and so from my soul. Thank you with much gratitude for providing the seed for more searching within.
— Kylie Heidrich
I can’t believe, I made yet another book. You have created a book maniac Laly Mille!
— Helle Kristensen


Been working on my Woven Dreams and am so addicted. Thank you Laly you don’t know what you’ve started!
— Lesley Larcombe
Oh Laly, I’m a fan for life! After taking your weaving workshop, I’m positive I’ll love any workshop you have to offer!!! You’re awesome!
— Isolina Perez 
Now that I’ve discovered weaving how do I find time for other less important things, such as eating, sleeping or going to work?
— Francie Ryder